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Gravity Enduro & Gravity Flat Shoes


ULTREAD merges ULTimate rubber compounds with optimized TREAD. These all-new
proprietary rubber compounds designed by Shimano are paired with precisely engineered tread patterns for on or off the bike.

The result: better durability, lighter weight, and extraordinary grip.

Tuned Rubber Compounds

Unique rubber compound for each off-road discipline

Optimized Grip

Optimized high durability and improved grip on and off the bike

Functional Lug Pattern

Purposeful and effectively designed lug patterns for each off-road discipline

Trail Riding Midsole
Torbal 2.0

TORBAL stands for torsional balance. SHIMANO R&D analyzed the micro-movement of the midsole to develop an original structure that provides targeted rigidity and flexibility in different zones. By maintaining stiffness in the center while allowing flexibility on the sides, TORBAL 2.0 sets a new standard for rider control by changing how the shoe reacts when leaning out on tight, sharp corners.

Maintain Pedal Stiffness

Maintains pedaling stiffness in center while allowing flexibility on the sides

EVA Midsole Cushioning

Optimized slit structure with tuned EVA midsole cushioning for enhanced control and comfort; like suspension for your feet.

Gravity Enduro

Cutting edge technology, progressive styling, and total on-bike control let you push your riding to the next level.


Benchmark, High-End Gravity Shoe

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Trail-Ready Performance Enduro Shoe

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SH-GE500 & GE500 Women's

Performance Trail and Enduro Shoe

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Gravity Flat

Find your flow with flat pedal optimized shoes built to tackle the most aggressive freeride and downhill terrain.


Ultimate Cold Weather Flat Pedal Shoe

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Trail-Ready Flat Pedal Shoe

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SH-GF400 & GF400 Women's

Confidence-Boosting Flat Pedal Shoe

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