Exploring Shimano's SPD Gravity Enduro Shoe Lineup: Unleash Your Riding Potential

Exploring Shimano's SPD Gravity Enduro Shoe Lineup: Unleash Your Riding Potential

SPD-Compatible MTB Shoes For Trail, Enduro, and Downhill

Shimano Pro Downhill mountain biker using Shimano GE900 SPD shoes

Get rowdy on rugged DH tracks. Go big on backcountry epics. Smash out more laps on the local trails. Shimano's new GE Gravity Enduro MTB shoes come from 30+ years of clipless pedal expertise. They are purpose-built for precision control and uncompromising performance for aggressive trail, enduro, and downhill riding. Whether it’s the chundry chutes of the World Cup circuit, the rowdy stages of the EWS, or local hardcore trails around the world, Shimano’s GE Mountain Bike shoes are born to help make your mark on the trail.

Shimano gravity enduro SPD mountain bike shoes

The entire Shimano GE family is purpose-built with the following technologies and designs, which trickle down throughout the lineup:

SPD Technology for a Clipped-In Solid Connection

Shimano changed the off-road cycling game three decades ago with the introduction of Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD), ushering in a new era of efficiency, control, and connection between rider and bike. The SPD clipless pedal platform is fine-tunable and engineered for ultimate power transfer and control. When the conditions get mucky, SPD is made to better shed mud and debris for reliable clipless function, no matter the weather.

Shimano SPD Ultread mountain bike shoes with shimano SPD pedals

ULTREAD GE Outsole for Durable Traction and Sure Footing

Shimano’s new ULTREAD GE outsole excels in the rough and tough demands of aggressive enduro, downhill, and trail riding. When it’s time to earn those turns, the updated tread pattern has the traction and stability for DH track walks, high alpine hike-a-bikes, or for sessioning the local jump line. The design mixes a sturdy rubber compound and smart tread pattern for better grip and robust protection on and off the bike.

TORBAL 2.0 Midsole for Control, Stability and Efficiency

TORBAL 2.0 provides a predictable, stable platform that enhances control through tight lines and technical, high-speed sections of trail. Shimano R&D analyzed the micro-movements of a shoe's midsole and developed an original structure with targeted rigidity​ and flexibility in different zones. By maintaining stiffness in the center and allowing flexibility on the sides, the midsole increases steering stability and control.

Shimano Sh-GE900 SPD gravity enduro mountain bike shoes

VOLUME TRAIL LAST for a Secure, Comfortable Fit

The VOLUME TRAIL LAST balances secure pedaling performance with the comfort to go wherever the trail leads. The last provides a snug fit around the ball of the foot to allow for precision control through techy trails with enhanced power transfer for clearing sections or grinding to the top. The extra room for the toes and heels makes these shoes equally comfortable for walking around the campsite or hoofing it up a hike-a-bike to get to the good stuff.

Shimano GE – Gravity Enduro – Shoe Lineup

Shimano GE900 – The Ultimate Gravity Race Shoe

Shimano’s flagship SPD-compatible gravity shoe is ideal for aggressive gravity racing and riding. Built on a carbon-reinforced TORBAL 2.0 midsole, the GE900 is made for boosting bike control and efficiency when every hundredth of a second counts. Featuring a BOA Fit System with a top shield and instep strap, the GE900 delivers quick and precise closure and superior foot retention for aggressive, secure pedaling over rough terrain.

Shimano SH-GE900 SPD Gravity Enduro mountain bike shoes


A neoprene ankle collar adds extra coverage and protection, while the robust, quick-drying synthetic leather upper with mesh window keeps feet cool while still holding up in rough terrain. An enduro-optimized ULTREAD GE outsole delivers enhanced grip on slippery hike-a-bike sections and has a molded pedal channel that provides a stable shoe-to-pedal connection even when riding unclipped through techy sections.

Shimano GE700 – The Ultimate Trail Rider and Racer

Whether racing for the podiums or out pedaling with the local crew, the GE700 confidently tackles technical terrain and whatever it takes to reach it. Like the benchmark GE900, these shoes feature Shimano’s TORBAL 2.0 midsole, allowing for steering precision and better control through techy or all-out speed sections.

Shimano SH-GE700 Gravity Enduro SPD mountain bike shoes

The ULTREAD GE outsole boosts grip on slick roots, rocks, and mud, and it has a molded SPD pedal channel for a superior connection between the shoe and the bike. The GE700 combines a lacing system with an instep strap for fine-tunable foot retention that protects a bit more from rocks and other trail chunk.

Shimano GE500 – A Performance Kick for Every Trail

Tackle challenging trails with confidence with the GE500 gravity shoe. Thanks to trickle-down trail technology from the full Gravity Enduro lineup, these shoes deliver performance and comfort for any trail and any rider. These shoes have the same TORBAL 2.0 midsole design as the GE900 and GE700, enhancing heel security and movement for on-bike control and fit.

Shimano SH-GE500 SPD mountain bike shoe

They also use Shimano's ULTREAD GE outsole, boosting grip and sure-footedness on and off the bike. The breathable fabric upper keeps feet cooler, while a raised ankle collar for some extra protection when the going gets chunky. The midfoot SPD cleat channel improves stability and bike control, while layered half-length EVA foam better absorbs impacts on hard landings and unexpected get-offs. To top it all off, the skate-style laces and massive instep strap optimize fit and comfort wherever the trail winds.

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