Reconditioning Through Riding

Reconditioning Through Riding

In a fitness funk? You’re not alone. In general, only 12% of people feel that their overall well-being is where they know it should be - whether physically or mentally, according to the recent Global Wellbeing Report.

Fortunately, there’s reason to be optimistic: 65% say getting back into moving their bodies helps solve for both. And at Shimano, we know objectively that indoor cycling is one of the most ideal options for reconditioning - or even getting started in the first place.

Still, if you’ve fallen out of the saddle for a spell, it can be even harder (and higher risk for injury) to get back into your groove than to start from scratch. This is why together with a select panel of top industry-leading experts, we’ve curated a number of pro tips on how to recondition through riding. Let’s hear what they have to say:

Shimano indoor cycling

Michael Fishman 

Co-Founder & CEO at Maverick Community for physical therapists & performance specialists; Co-Founder, Former CEO @ Pure Cycles, a leading bike distributor

Shimano Indoor cycling shoes

Dilan Gomih

Founder & CEO of Dilagence, Instructor at Barry's (including Barry’s RIDE) in New York City

Shimano Indoor cycling

Sonny Filamor

 Indoor Cycling Instructor at GritCycle Instructor in Orange County

Shimano Indoor cycling

Allie Grantz

 Owner, Co-Founder, & Instructor at CycleFit™ Lehigh Valley


When you’re restarting or battling back from an injury, starting from ground zero is the toughest step. This leads us to our first question for the panel:

Allie, there was a painful moment in your journey where you had to start back at ZERO. Are you up to share? How did you recondition through riding?

“After being a fit and very competitive athlete for years, I was sidelined with health issues that unfortunately caused neuropathy in my hands and feet. This made running, even walking some days dangerous and strength training very difficult,” Allie shares. 

“Because of this I rediscovered my love for indoor cycling and all the benefits that come with it.

I committed to myself 2 days/week to allow my body and lung capacity to build up for the first month and then added a third day. I focused on what felt good to me and let it happen.”

Allie Grantz Indoor Cycling Shimano Indoor

Allie Grantz is the Owner, Co-Founder, & Instructor at CycleFit™ in Lehigh Valley, PA.

We’re inspired by Allie’s story, along with the important reminders that she elevates: (1) we all start from somewhere; (2) setbacks will come along in life. If you’re facing a New Beginning too, we think you’ll enjoy this fresh-eyed perspective and process from Demar Jackson, one of our official Ambassadors.

Dilan, you’ve been coaching indoor cycling and beyond for industry-leading brands for a decade. Your training is extensive - and you’ve seen it all! What about indoor cycling makes it so ideal for riders at every stage?

“Some people may wonder if low-impact cardiovascular exercise is less effective or less challenging. This isn't the case. By adjusting factors such as speed and resistance to increase intensity, cycling can help you sweat, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and enhance your health,” illustrates Dilan.

“Whether someone is just starting their fitness journey or getting back into fitness, cycling is a great way to get moving. Indoor cycling is low-impact, which means it does not put as much stress on your joints, unlike running or jumping.

Cycling is also familiar! Most people know how to ride a bike, and even if not, the movements are fairly straightforward.”

Dilan Gomih Barry's Indoor Cycling Coach

Dilan Gomih coaches at Barry’s - including Barry’s RIDE in New York City. Previously, she coached for FlyWheel.

We couldn’t agree more with Dilan! Once you’re ready to start setting goals that stick, you’ll want to double-down on a framework of tangible steps that works best for you.

Michael, let’s talk about creating a restart routine. You recently wrote about training up for a big event - as both a dad and entrepreneur! At Maverick, you help physical therapists and performance specialists run their own businesses. What’s a schedule you’ve used to recondition from scratch?

“The best routine and workout schedule for someone to ‘get back at it’ is to commit to riding one day per week,” says Michael.

“I’ve found the easiest way to do this is to look at your daily trips and see what could be done by bike. You’ll be surprised how many of your trips are within 2 miles! Once you start doing some bike commuting then you’ll be hooked and you can sprinkle in some longer, fun exercising rides with friends to increase your strength and/or clear your mind!”

Michael Fishman is the co-creator and CEO at Maverick Community for physical therapists & performance specialists, based in Los Angeles. 

Michael’s practical tactics are critical. That’s why we highly advise that you also find the correct cycling shoes for your ride and dial in the fit appropriately for your feet - maximizing safety, comfort, and performance!

Sonny, coaches can often focus heavily on instructing around technique - but one of the insights you share about indoor cycling is that riding is more than just a workout. It’s not just about the bike. Can you expand?

“Group fitness is an amazing way to push yourself. You have people around you that motivate you to work harder and you have people who are looking to you for courage, empowerment, and motivation,” Sonny explains.

“Besides an amazing workout to great music, you get to meet likeminded people who will push you in the studio as well as in your personal life as well.

It’s never just a workout, it’s also a tool for self-improvement physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Sonny Filamor coaches indoor cycling at GritCycle in Orange County. Previously, he coached for CycleBar.

We love Sonny’s expansive viewpoint on the numerous indoor cycling benefits beyond the bike. Recently, Demar Jackson shared with us even more in this vein, including finding peace and happiness in the ride.

This final question is up for grabs - anything else important for reconditioning riders to keep in mind?

Allie: “It's going to take a bit to get back to where you were. Don't beat yourself up when it doesn't happen in a week. You're going at your own pace and as long as you keep pedaling you're winning!”

Michael: “I’ve experienced (and read via David Goggins) the 40% rule, which says that when your mind tells you that you’re done, you’re really only 40% done…60% more to give! It’s always worth it to push through.”

Sonny: “When I think back to my ‘why,’ it makes it easier to suppress my negative self-talk and to power through…”

Dilan: “The amazing thing about fitness is that there are so many ways to get moving. One size does not fit all - the most important factor is that it works for you.”

A huge thanks to Allie, Dilan, Michael, and Sonny for their incredible insights. We’re ready to get back into the saddle - how about you?

Love hearing from top experts in the industry to help you along your indoor cycling journey? Then you’ll value even more pointers on how to level up your riding - even when you’re not on the bike!

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