Setting Inspirational New Year Goals - that Stick!

Setting Inspirational New Year Goals - that Stick!

Creating New Year Resolutions can feel overwhelming. Maybe you’ve had a New Year goal that didn’t make it past January. Maybe you've skipped goal-setting entirely for a year or two here and there. You’re not alone! Most of us have been in the same spot too. So, how do we find a balance between ambition and achievability to make goals that continually propel you forward? We're sharing some insights from a handful of the most expert coaches we know to share processes that have stuck for them:

From Award-Winning Fitness Industry Expert & Global Educator Doris Thews:

“Three things to consider to be successful with your 2023 New Year goals.


  1. Find a friend. Studies show when you have a friend you are more accountable and your will show up for the workouts along with having more fun.
  2. Slow steady and consistent always gets results. Start with small “doable” goals, to move more, clean up your diet, improve sleep and stress less. Going big sounds good but usually is not sustainable.
  3. Chose movement / workouts you love. When you select exercise movements / work outs you love, it will feel like a treat verse a daily task.”

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From SHIMANO Ambassador Demar Jackson:

Demar Jackson

“Over the course of this past year especially, goal setting has been a key factor that has been attached to my daily mindset. I utilize "SMART" Goals which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (goals) in everything that requires me in accomplishing a task of any size. I simply wrap my head around what's in front of me, understand how this will impact me moving forward, execute this plan, and then (the most important part), DREAM BIGGER. As we are approaching a time that we tend to set these goals for ourselves, just ensure it actually is something that will satisfy you and your needs first, and let the success follow.”

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From Struct Club CEO & Founder Amira Polack:

“Here's a simple, unconventional ritual I’ve adopted at the end of the year that gives me clarity and momentum into each New Year: I set aside a little time to review my photo album, calendar, and notebooks from the past year. While reviewing what happened, three automatic reflections take place. First, I see highlights - what gave me positive energy, and can I incorporate more of that in my life? I reflect on valleys - where do I need healing or improvement, and what detracted from my life that I can control for? Finally, I notice gaps - what was absent in my year? I make a list that I can revisit anytime, and prioritize a handful of tangible to-do’s to start putting in my calendar.”

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From fitness influencer & SHIMANO Ambassador Kaleigh Cohen:

“Year after year I would have high hopes for my New Year’s resolutions only to have them fizzle out in a week or two until I changed up my approach! Instead of picking a New Year’s resolution, I would pick a word! I picked a word that I could implement in all areas of my life. I started this 2 years ago and still remember and implement my words to this day! My word for 2022 was undistracted. Picking a word helped me build new and improved habits which lead to reaching my goals and maintaining them!”

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From International Master Educator and Industry Expert Javier Santin:

I am not a fan of New Year Resolutions (even though as a Spaniard, New Year’s is a big thing)! What my recent journey back to fitness reminded me is that I didn’t need a momentous day to start creating healthy habits… I needed a plan, designed around four key concepts:

  1. Set your Intention. Resolutions are firm and hard, intentions are rooted in flexibility and mindfulness. Focus on what really matters to you.
  2. Focus on the Process. For me, it was to go back to working out consistently 3x/week. Even if it was for a 10 minute session!
  3. Create a Habit Loop. Tie new fitness habits to habitual routines. For example, if you are a coffee-first kind of person, start getting changed into workout clothes while coffee is brewing. In a couple of weeks, the old habit (coffee) will trigger a new one (going to the gym).
  4. Be kind to yourself! Life is a constant cycle of new beginnings. The key to staying committed is to celebrate our wins while bringing a kind awareness to those moments when we wander off and face a new beginning.

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From all of us at SHIMANO: we wish you a phenomenal 2023 and beyond!

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