Upgrade Your Grip with Ultread

ULTREAD merges ULTimate rubber compounds with optimized TREAD. These all-new
proprietary rubber compounds designed by Shimano are paired with precisely engineered tread patterns for on or off the bike.

The result: better durability, lighter weight, and extraordinary grip.

Tuned Rubber compounds

Unique rubber compounds tuned for each off-road discipline

Optimized Grip

Optimized high durability and improved grip on and off the bike

Functional Lug Pattern

Purposeful and effectively designed lug patterns for each off-road discipline


Low-temperature version of our light blue rubber outsole created with specially formulated rubber that won’t be compromised by the cold

Soft, durable rubber with slow rebound qualities for exceptional flat pedal grip

Formulated for ideal grip when trekking in wet slippery conditions. The rubber formula is utilized in both our Gravity Enduro and Explorer shoes with optimized tread for each

Lightweight, durable, and rigid rubber designed with minimal lugs and spike mounts for grip for cross country and cyclocross riders 

Technical Descents & Tough Transfers
Ultread GE

Enduro-optimized SHIMANO ULTREAD GE outsoles are tuned for intense downhill riding and superior traction for challenging uphill sections off the bike.
Its grippy hexagonal tread, expanded Pedal Channel, and unique toe and heel patterns make this gravity-riding outsole proficient at handling technical descents and uphill climbs on slippery surfaces.

Secure Flat Pedal Grip
Ultread GF

Gravity-optimized ULTREAD GF rubber compound and tread pattern deliver legendary pedal grip and control.
This specially-formulated soft and durable rubber compound’s slow rebound qualities and grippy hexagonal block pattern improve traction by keeping the outsole in contact with the pedals over choppy terrain.

Durable & Lightweight
Ultread XC

Lightweight ULTREAD XC rubber outsole delivers competition-grade grip and riding performance that last.
Our MTB cross-country and cyclocross racing formulated rubber is optimally applied with lightweight outsole patterns to support performance in dry and wet conditions.

Stable Pedaling & Walking
Ultread EX

Lightweight ULTREAD EX rubber outsole and pattern optimized for challenging adventures on and off the bike.
Walking stability and traction are the main focus of this bikepacking and adventure cycling outsole. Its more aggressive traction pattern provides a secure grip while exploring off your bike.