TORBAL 2.0 torsional midsole technology optimizes heel and edge flexibility for maximum control during aggressive descents and hard cornering

TORBAL 2.0 = Torsional Balance

SHIMANO R&D analyzed midsole micro-movement to develop TORBAL 2.0, an original structure that provides targeted rigidity and flexibility in different zones. By maintaining stiffness in the center while allowing flexibility on the sides, TORBAL 2.0 enhances rider control on tight, sharp corners.


Maintainspedal stiffness in center while allowing flexibility on the sides

EVA Midsole cushioning

Optimized slit structure with EVA midsole enhances control and comfort; like suspension for your feet

Trail Riding Midsole
Torbal 2.0

Proprietary structure sets new standard for stability, control, comfort, and efficiency.

  • Targeted rigidity and flexibility zones maximize overall shoe performance
  • Heel and edge flexibility boost comfort, control and fluidity when cornering
  • Increased center zone stiffness maximizes power transfer when pedaling full gas