Step into the Perfect Fit: Understanding Shimano's Wide Shoe Sizing

Step into the Perfect Fit: Understanding Shimano's Wide Shoe Sizing

Understanding Shimano's DYNALAST Wide Shoe Sizing 

Shimano wide cycling shoes explained

When it comes to comfort and stability on the bike, the right style of shoes with the right fit can make all the difference. That’s why Shimano offers performance road, MTB, gravel, and winter shoes in a variety of sizing options, including wide.

Shoes that feature Shimano’s DYNALAST Wide sizing have an increased volume around the ball of the foot to accommodate a larger range of foot shapes and sizes. However, this added volume and comfort doesn't come at the expense of performance. Instead, the bottom of the last remains the same width as the standard shoe design, which maintains the high-performance technology, pedaling efficiency, and all-day comfort of Shimano's range of cycling shoes.

Shimano SH-RX600 Wide shoe Explained

How does a Shimano DYNALAST WIDE last fit?

Shimano DYNALAST Wide models are not just standard shoes that have been stretched horizontally. Instead, wide sizes feature a larger circumference (about 9 to 10 mm compared to standard sizing) around the ball of the foot. This extra room accommodates more foot girth, especially around the metatarsal pad. Rather than just adding extra width in a two-dimensional way, Shimano’s wide sizing provides more space all around the ball of the foot for more comfort and control.

More space does not mean a loose, sloppy fit, however. Shimano’s DYNALAST Wide technology is anatomically curved to conform better to the natural contours of the foot. It features an adjusted instep height to allow the heel to sit deeper in the shoe so your foot stays snug in the shoe, even on hard, out-of-the-saddle efforts.

Shimano SH-RC903 WIDE shoe size's

Additionally, Shimano’s Surround Wrapping Upper technology does just what it says. It wraps around the foot and allows for greater adjustability to fine-tune the fit for your riding preferences. Together, DYNALAS Wide and Surround Wrapping Upper technology creates fewer gaps between your foot and the shoe, offering a more adaptable fit for longer, faster, and more comfortable rides no matter your foot shape.

Shimano Wide Sizing Right for Me?

For feet that are only slightly wider than standard sizes – D is the standard width for men's shoes – consider increasing shoe length by a half size. For example, go from a size 44 to 44.5 to allow for a bit of molding as the shoe breaks in. However, riders with more substantial variations in foot width should try a shoe with a DYNALAST Wide last.

Shimano SH-RC903 wide shoes explained

What if I Still Need Even Wider Cycling Shoes?

Shimano’s Volume Tour Last is perfect for riders who need even more volume to balance comfort and performance on the bike. Built upon the DYNALAST platform, the Volume Last offers more space in the toe, ball of the foot, and heel while still comfortably cradling the foot when pedaling or walking.

Shimano Explorer SPD shoes Wide fit explained

Still Have Questions about Shimano Shoe Sizing? 

Local Shimano dealers have Brannock measuring devices to evaluate feet and can help you determine if wide sizes are the best fit. When in doubt, have an expert measure and evaluate your feet to help pick the right-sized kicks. Plus, your local Shimano dealer will have a wide range of models and sizes available to try on, so you can test things out in person to find the right fit.

What Shimano Shoes Have Wide Sizing?


From the World Championship-winning RC903 to the coffee ride favorite RC300, Shimano road shoes feature a wide range of regular and wide last options.

RC903, RC702, RC502, RC300

Cross Country MTB

Whether it's the Olympic-winning XC902 or the backcountry-ready XC300, most Shimano XC MTB shoes come in both regular and wide DYNALAST options.  

 XC902, XC702, XC502, XC300


Shimano’s entire line of gravel cycling footwear comes in both regular and wide DYNALAST options.

RX801R, RX801, RX600

Winter Cycling Shoes

Shimano offers a winter cycling shoe in DYNALAST Wide sizing to keep more riders rolling, no matter the condition.


Volume Tour Last

For riders who need even more shoe volume, Shimano offers the following shoes in the Tour Volume Last.

ET701, ET701W, EX500, EX500W, ET501, ET501W

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