SHIMANO Surround-Wrapping Upper Explained

SHIMANO Surround-Wrapping Upper Explained

Creating More Comfortable, Secure Cycling Footwear

Shimano S-Phyre road bike shoes SPD-SL cleats

Cycling shoes should be comfortable, secure, and reliable mile after mile, day after day, no matter what type of terrain you ride. Shimano’s lineup of road, mountain, gravel, touring, bikepacking, and commuter footwear features an array of finely tuned technologies that have been refined through decades of experience with the sole purpose of optimizing those qualities. One key technology that has set Shimano footwear apart from the rest in terms of comfort and fit is the Surround Wrapping Upper which hugs the foot for a slipper-like fit for every foot size and shape.


SHIMANO’s Surround-Wrapping Upper is a single piece of synthetic leather that attaches to the sole of the shoe and cradles the top and sides of the foot. It creates a seamless fit with less material overlap and fewer gaps reducing rubbing and pressure points while still allowing for a snug, performance fit.

Shimano SH-XC502W womens mountain bike shoes

Combining the single-piece upper with adjustable closure systems, like BOA dials, creates a shoe that can be fine-tuned to better hug the foot of each rider. This results in a more comfortable fit that maintains a secure connection between rider and bike at the critical contact point for power transfer. The 360° surrounding upper wraps the foot in a supportive cocoon to provide a supremely engineered fit, unparalleled stability, and lightweight performance for all riders.

Enhancing Comfort on Every Ride

Happy feet let riders focus on pushing limits on the bike, not cringing at distracting discomfort. Improving circulation by eliminating pressure points and allowing for a more adjustable fit makes Surround-Wrapping Upper more comfortable and conforming than traditional uppers.

Shimano SH-RX600 Women's gravel SPD bicycle shoes beng ridden by Marley Blonsky

But the benefits of SHIMANO’s Surround-Wrapping Uppers go far beyond just feel–this seamless design enhances circulation and reduces numbness, meaning better blood flow to distal plantar muscles. This reduces fatigue in the feet, which in turn creates less tension throughout the legs, ultimately resulting in less stress per pedal stroke and more energy savings.

Moreover, the combination of the single upper construction along with the micro adjustment capabilities of Shimano's closure systems creates a secure, reliable fit that ensures maximum power transfer from rider to bike.

Shimano Sh-RX600W Womens gravel bike shoes being put on

Where Can I Find Surround-Wrapping Upper?

Surround Wrapping Upper Technology was researched and developed for the world's best bicycle racers, from the Tour de France to Mountain Bike World Cups. However, the design DNA that was born for peak performance now benefits Shimano road and off-road cycling shoes at every level.

SHIMANO XC MTB Shoes with Surround-Wrapping Upper Technology

Shimano SH-XC902 S-Phyre mountian bike shoes

SHIMANO Road Shoes with Surround-Wrapping Upper Technology

Shimano SH-RC903 Red road bike shoes

SHIMANO Gravel Shoes with Surround Wrapping Upper Technology

Shimano gravel shoes SH-RX801R rally spd shoe


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