Shimano SM-SH41 Cleat Adapter

How to Use SM-SH41 Cleat Adapters

Using Cleat Adapters to Convert Shoes From SPD-SL to SPD 

If you want to use SPD-SL / 3-hole clip-in cycling shoes with SPD / 2-hole cleats and pedals, the SM-SH41 Cleat Adapter will come to the rescue. Maybe you have a pair of road cycling shoes that you love, but prefer to use an SPD / 2-hole pedal? Maybe your indoor cycling studio only uses SPD / 2-hole pedals on its bikes? Whatever the reason, the SM-SH41 Cleat Adaptor offers user-friendly installation and performance.

Shimano SM-Sh41 Cleat Adapter how to install

What is it?

The SM-SH41 Cleat Adapter is a simple adapter that attaches to the sole of your SPD-SL / 3-hole cycling shoes to enable you to mount a SPD / 2-hole cleat. The adapter is simple to install and ensures flawless engagement and release with your SPD / 2-hole pedal.

The SM-SH41 Cleat Adapter is compatible with all SPD-SL / 3-hole clip-in cycling shoes.

What are its benefits?

The SM-SH41 Cleat Adapter enables you to use your favorite SPD-SL / 3-hole road cycling shoes with SPD / 2-hole cleats and pedals. The adapter makes clipping into your pedals a little easier and improves the stability of your foot when clipped in for optimal pedaling.

The adapter also has advantages when you’re off the bike. It makes walking in your cycling shoes easier, with durable platforms that protect your cleats and give you more stability when walking. It also prevents floors from being scuffed by your cleats.

How to install

1. Position the cleat adapter on the bottom of your shoe. The cleat adapters are the same for the left and right shoes. The three holes in the cleat adapter must line up with the three holes on the bottom of your shoe. Insert a screw in each of the three holes and tighten them securely using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Shiamno SM-SH41 Cleat Adapter SPD How to install
Shimano SM-SH41 SPD cleat adapter How to Install

2. Position your SPD / 2-hole cleat (not included) on top of the cleat adapter. Place the cleat washer (with recessed holes facing up) on top of the cleat. Then insert a cleat mounting bolt in each of the two holes and tighten them securely using a 4mm Allen (hex) key. Note that you must use the special SM-SH40 cleat mounting bolts.

Shimano SPD cleat adapter how to install the adapter

3. Adjust the cleat’s placement so that it is in the right position for you. 

Shimano SPD cleat adapter how to install


Once you’ve got the cleats in the right place, place a small dab of grease into each of the captive nuts on the base of your shoe and then use a torque wrench with 4 mm hex bit to tighten the bolts to SHIMANO’s recommended torque setting of 5-6Nm (43-52 IN LB). The grease helps keep the bolts from seizing in place, while following the recommended torque setting assures the bolts are sufficiently secure but not overtightened, which can damage your shoes or the bolt.

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