World Cup Cross Country MTB Podium Shoes

World Cup Cross Country MTB Podium Shoes

SHIMANO S-PHYRE XC9s are the Choice Shoes for Top World Cup Racers

SHIMANO SH-XC902 mtb shoes worn at World Cup XC race

The World Cup Mountain Bike season is quickly approaching, and we are excited to watch another year of fierce and explosive racing from both the women’s and men’s events. Once again, the World Cup courses are stacked with technical climbs, blazing-fast descents, and crowd-pleasing features where riders can show off their skills while pushing their limits to cross the finish line first. In a sport where every second and every pedal stroke counts, riders rely on their equipment to perform flawlessly and help them edge out the competition. That's why many of the top contenders on the World Cup circuit wear Shimano S-PHYRE XC9 mountain bike shoes.

PRO mountain biker racing at XC UCI world Cup wearing SHIMANO SH-XC902 S-PHYRE shoes

Built with the fastest, most powerful mountain bike racers in mind, the XC9 cross-country shoes feature an ultra-stiff carbon sole that delivers incredible power transfer from rider to bike. This rock-solid connection allows riders to power through technical sections of trail, push hard up the steepest climbs, or outsprint the competition on the final lap.

Female pro mountain biker racing at Crosscountry world cup SH-XC902

But the Shimano XC9 shoes aren't just about raw power. They're also incredibly comfortable. The wraparound microfiber upper provides stability and comfort, while the rounded heel and slim toe box create a glove-like fit. The dual BOA dial closure system enables riders to make micro-adjustments on the fly and helps riders to find the perfect fit, no matter their foot shape or size.

Hitting a jump at the XC world cup wearing SHIMANO SH-XC902 mountain bike shoes

When it comes to wet and slippery courses like last year at Snowshoe, the XC9 shoes provide ample grip and traction thanks to Shimano’s new ULTREAD rubber outsole and technical tread pattern. This new rubber compound optimizes grip on both pedals and the ground, while the lug shapes and distribution allow for excellent mud shedding while delivering traction off the bike. When the rugged and demanding World Cup courses get even more challenging with mud, the XC9 shoes deliver confidence to tackle even the trickiest, most slippery sections of trail. 

SHIMANO SH-XC902 mountain bike shoes Cross country

Shimano has a long history of innovation and quality, and the XC9 MTB shoes perfectly showcase this dedication to performance. Designed with the world’s best mountain bike racers in mind, the XC9 shoes are for everyone looking to push their limits on the trail or the racecourse. Whether you’re an aspiring professional racer, a seasoned trail rider, or simply want the best performance shoe for your everyday ride, the XC9 delivers.

winning at UCi world cup wearing SHIMANO SH-XC902 mountain bike shoes

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