The Ultimate Gravity Shoe Upgrade

The Ultimate Gravity Shoe Upgrade

Enhance Your Grip with Shimano ULTREAD Gravity Flat and Enduro Soles

Battered, beaten, and taken for granted, the sole of the MTB shoe is the critical connection between rider and bike. And when it comes to mud fests, high-speed descents, rocky power climbs, and high-altitude hike-a-bikes, the right shoe sole can make all the difference. It allows us to ride the fine line of better control, increased support, and more comfort on and off the bike.

Shimano SH-GF600 Ultread Mountain bike flat pedal shoes walking up a trail

That’s why Shimano developed ULTREAD Gravity, the latest generation of MTB sole that excels in the rough and tough demands of aggressive enduro, downhill, and trail riding while still providing durability for the long haul. The design delivers a mix of a sturdy rubber compound and smart tread designs that offer a true upgrade for any rider, whether they prefer flat pedals or clipping in with SPD.

ULTREAD GF – Flat Pedal Grip and Security

The flat pedal ULTREAD GF (Gravity Flat) sole, found on the new GF600, GF400, and foul weather GF800 GTX offers a completely fresh tread design. The hexagon structure follows the pattern of flat pedal pins to give a super stable connection between the shoe and pedal without losing the feel and freedom of a platform.

Shimano Gravity Flat Ultread Mountain bike shoes sitting on a long

The tread pattern is also specifically designed to shed mud and other debris, thanks to the tapered grooves where the tread grips the pins. Because the design is less prone to clogging, the shoes maintain more grip for longer. Whether it’s sticking to the pedals on rough descents or hoofing it up the hill for another lap, riders will appreciate the refined treads. 

The ULTREAD GF design also incorporates enhanced tread up front to provide extra stability and security while walking. The stepped toe blocks contour against terrain to keep feet planted when scaling rocks or roots, even on the steepest and most slippery slopes. The tread pattern sheds water and mud to the edge of the sole for superior grip and confidence in every condition.

female mountain biker riding down the trail in her Shimano SH-GF400 MTB flat shoes

ULTREAD GE – Efficiency and Control of Clipping In

The ULTREAD GE (Gravity Enduro) sole delivers a similarly grippy and durable tread pattern as the GF sole but with a molded pedal channel and SPD compatibility that provides a stable shoe-to-pedal connection even when riding unclipped on techy trails.

ULTREAD GE soles are found on Shimano's GE shoe lineup, including the flagship GE900, used by World Cup-winning downhillers and EWS champs across the globe, as well as the GE700 and GE500 models.

Shimano Gravity Enduro clip in shoes sitting on a log

Whether racing or just out for a pedal with the crew, Shimano's ULTREAD GE and GF technology can help you find your flow and take control in rugged, technical terrain. Refined for unparalleled grip, ULTREAD Gravity delivers premium flat and SPD-pedal performance for any trail, anytime.


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