Speed Unleashed: SHIMANO S-PHYRE RC903 Shoes Propel Top Racers to Victory at the Tour de France

Speed Unleashed: SHIMANO S-PHYRE RC903 Shoes Propel Top Racers to Victory at the Tour de France

The S-PHYRE RC903 is the pinnacle of cycling footwear technology, the ultimate performance shoe that’s redefining the limits of cycling. As such it’s the perennial choice for the best riders in the world at the world’s grandest race, the Tour de France. The latest generation RC903 has evolved from decades at the top of the cycling world and now emerged with even greater comfort, lower weight, better stiffness, and sleeker lines.

MVP wearing Shimano SH-RC903 road bike shoes

As the pros travers the iconic roads of France for the 110th edition of La Grande Boucle, the world’s best are relying on Shimano footwear to help them deliver their top performances when it counts.

Made for Absolute Speed

The RC903 is designed for absolute speed whether that’s sprinting 75 km/h on the Champs-Élysées, hammering the time trial in Passy, or climbing 17 kilometers to the summit finish of the Grand Colombier. But it’s more than just a stiff sole (12 out of 12) and featherweight (225 grams) pair of shoes that breeds performance. The RC903 is packed with SHIMANO technologies to pull every bit of performance out of the riders who step into them.

Crossing the finish line at the tour de france

Built for Comfort for Weeks on End

When it comes to spending four to five hours a day in the saddle for a three-week race, comfort reigns supreme. The RC903 shoes feature a 360º Surround Wrapping Upper that creates a finely engineered fit and better comfort for all riders. Constructed from a one-piece premium, breathable microfiber leather upper, the shoes help reduce hotspots and offer a seamless fit. The enhanced circulation and comfort allow riders to focus on the road ahead, with a clear, undistracted mind, stage after stage, week after week.

Greater Efficiency in Every Pedal Stroke

At the highest levels, the merest advantages make all the difference. The world’s best who use the RC903 get one such edge out of SHIMANO DYNALAST. This proprietary SHIMANO technology is an anatomically curved last that eliminates angles and conforms better to the natural contours of the foot.

Shimano S-phyre shoes RC903

It also features a fine-tuned toe spring that aids in a smoother upstroke of each leg, on each pedal revolution by releasing the tension that a traditional last has on a rider’s range of motion. The subtle yet ergonomic fine-tuning of the last results in less stress placed on the arch, calf, and hamstring during each upstroke. Racers expend less energy, every pedal stroke, over the course of each four- to five- hour stage, leaving more in the tank for three week’s worth of finish lines. 

On-the-Fly Adjustable BOA Dials

The environment, exertion, and even fueling have a dynamic effect on foot shape and shoe fit. That’s why the RC903 features Dual, low-profile BOA® Li2 dials that allow for quick and precise micro-adjustments, on the fly.

Shimano SH-RC903 S-PHYRE

Sleek, low-profile crossover lacing pattern sleekly secures the forefoot with even pressure for better comfort. This means that while cruising along in the peloton mid-stage, riders can back off a few clicks to loosen things up, before cranking shoes down right before the lead out for the ultimate connection between rider and bike. Whatever the situation calls for during a three-week Grand Tour, riders can adjust accordingly, at full speed with the simple twist of a dial.

Anti-Twist Heel Cup

Ultimate speed requires ultimate power transfer and Shimano’s Anti-Twist Heel Cup reduces power loss due to torsional flexing on the hardest efforts. This premium-finish heel cup with anti-twist stabilization secures optimal foot positioning for intense accelerations and is the technology that top sprinters count on when translating every watt into maximum velocity is non-negotiable.

SPD-SL Cleat and Pedal Technology

The finely tuned athletes of the Tour de France require precision tuneable gear, which is why the SPD-SL clipless pedal platform is so popular in the peloton. SPD-SL technology is the secure, reliable interface between the RC903 shoes and pedals.

Shimano SH-RC903 S-PHYRE with SPD SL cleats

As a critical contact point–the pedal-shoe connection is where our body’s power transfers to the machine and in turn speed–the SPD system can be precision tuned to each individual in a variety of ways. Riders can adjust the float of the cleat by using one of three stock cleat options, as well as the tunability and security of Shimano’s three-bolt pattern.

Standard, Wide and Women’s Fits

The highest performing shoe in the world is of little use if it doesn’t fit right. Each rider in the Tour de France can find the optimal fit thanks to Shimano’s full-range of sizes, widths and fits. Of course, riders everywhere benefit from this same comprehensive spread of options with the RC903 coming in standard, wide, and women’s fits.


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